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Mark Harp is a Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Earth based musician - guitarist - web geek -  theater sound designer - sampler musician - songwriter and composer - nutbar - website and graphic designer - bass guitarist - producer - director - arranger - bon vivant - unemployable dirt eater - Clark Bar enthusiast - ex-IMAX projectionist - actor - retired paperboy -  SubGenius Pope  - AND The King Of Peru. It's true. Self appointed. It's a long story... anyway there's lots of odd stuff here so pick a link above, slip your shoes off, and stay awhile. This page and the others are lovingly � by Mark Harp in the years we call 2005 & 2004 & 2003 & 2002 & 2001 & 2000 & 1999 & 1998 & 1997 and other years that we haven't even heard of yet, as are the images and sounds thereon and therein, and then some. Phew! Let it all hang out. As you may recall from our last episode, Mr. Harp is not afraid of anything, but he sure doesn't appreciate backstabbers, keyboard players, surf music, the letter K, the St. Louis Cardinals, chicken friend steak, and dogs. You know, I feel really weird talking about myself in the third person, but that's the way it goes in show business. Mr. Harp has left the building. The number you have reached is busy. I sometimes wish that I could reach out through this computer screen and give each one of you a big fat wet kiss, or simply beat you into a pulp, but they haven't worked all the bugs out of that program. Yet. This site is always undergoing major attitude adjustments, like now, for instance. Please do not adjust your sets. Just have a smoke and chill the hell out, man. I mean, really. It's all love.